Best Free Swingers Dating Sites and Apps of 2020

Do naughty dating sites really get successful dating? The question remains, and it is not for nothing. There are indeed many sites that promise to get naughty dates, sex plans, but who do not give us what we want. This could be due to the fact that the users of the site are unbalanced, with more men than women (or vice versa), or that the site does not encourage face-to-face meetings. Many sites that stand out offer their members the opportunity to meet at organized events in order to get to know each other better while removing the stress of the week, for example.

Swing Lifestyle:

I liked Swing Lifestyle, but this version is even more effective and above all perfectly in step with the times. We quickly get in touch with the members that interest us, the discussions, sometimes raw, get straight to the point and the members know what they want. For me, who frequently participates in swingers evenings, in clubs or in private homes, this is the perfect opportunity to meet superb people. Members are often ready to move when needed, and I have met adorable and naughty couples on Swing Lifestyle! The major advantage of this swinger site is that there is something for everyone. Active, voyeurs, simple curious, you will find something to entertain you on Swing Lifestyle and who knows, maybe you will discover new passion?


Let’s be honest, Tinder is still THE platform to find a sex plan. What could be simpler than swiping right or left to find a partner to have fun overnight. Users have the choice of playing the honesty card (in the best of cases) or playing it finer by pretending that, when not. Besides, many guys play the card of looking for a serious relationship to attract a girl more easily in their bed … It is ugly but it is not a surprise! Now, if everyone agrees to have a good time without commitment and without exclusivity, then why deprive yourself? From the moment that the consent is mutual, everyone is free to do what they want. Obviously, it does not always happen as clearly and simply … But there can also be good surprises on this dating app!

Naughty date

This site will provide you with a simple to use interface where you can get in touch with singles everywhere in France. This is one where women like you to take your time with them. More for naughty flirtations and virtual exchanges than dating, Naughty Date will allow you to make a virtual lover or mistress, or even more if you win the jackpot!


BeNaughty is a well known site in naughty online dating. It attracts many young and single people from 18 to 45 years old. The site announces the color, naughty meetings, but here it is quite possible to consider serious meetings. Nothing gravelly here, just charm. BeNaughty is clearly at the border of serious websites and adult websites.

Seeking Arrangement:

Seeking Arrangement is the second actor in the United States of dating sites between “Sugar Daddy” and “Sugar Baby”. This is one of the first sites launched in the United States, and benefits from spontaneous notoriety, in particular thanks to TV reports and a large advertising budget. This is the specialized site in which you will find a large number of profiles, whether for women or men. To discover inevitably. Why choose Seeking Arrangement? What do you do better than the others? Seeking Arrangement is a dating site based on several important criteria in order to offer users the best possible experience. Moderation regulates this site seriously, and is very reactive: a problem, a question? Our support will get back to you in no time. We are at your disposal so that your experience on the Seeking Arrangement dating site is pleasant and of quality.


FetLife a major international BDSM site. Although the site is in English, it hosts a large French (and French-speaking) community. If you are looking for BDSM exchange / communication websites used by French people, FetLife is – according to us – one of the “essentials”. We offer various links to sections of the FetLife site: please note, you must have created an account on fetLife to access it, nothing is public. The BDSM community places a great deal of importance on discretion, and for good reason because BDSM is still very frowned upon and misunderstood by the majority of people. In addition, you have certainly noticed that for the past fifteen years, there has been a strong conservatist return against everything related to sexuality.


Feeld is a reference site in the world of debauchery. A must have meeting for threesomes (including swingers), as they say. It’s a social network (a bit like Facebook) but it’s really about sex. Personally, I like it! Without further ado, my opinion on Feeld, the libertine site! So what is my opinion (after test) on Feeld, the dating site for threesomes? You will find on Feeld a community of people (single men, single women and couples) who like to live without taboos and fulfill their fantasies. You will find people to do threesomes, swingers, fetishes, etc. The site markets itself as a social network for libertine couples AND for singles. You will understand why by continuing to read. The name Feeld probably comes from the translation of “wild” so wild! Which obviously refers to sex. What could be better for a libertine site ?! Note, however, that I already wrote an article on a Feeld cousin, Nouslibertins, but it was less complimentary. If I had to choose between Nouslibertins and Feeld (formerly Netech), I would rather be from the Feeld team. I like its side “the social network” hum hum “”.